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SICP Update 11-2018

Published: November 18, 2018
Last Updated: December 5, 2020

My continuing journey to finishing SICP has slowed to a crawl the last month or so. I made it through most of section 3.3 in October before slowing down for some travel and rest. It’s definitely a meaty book to work through, especially doing all of the exercises.

That being said I do continue to plan on finishing it, and hope to finish reading the third chapter in the next few days or so and then doing the problems within the next few months. I still think I can finish the book off within the original timeframe I had set, although with the slow progress over the last few months it may prove to be a little longer.

I’ve also slowed down on my blogging and keeping this up to date, and with the holidays coming up it most likely won’t pick up again till sometime in January of the new year.

The past few months and the break from the original momentum I had are an example of how hard it can be to get back into something when I slow down.

Normally I overwhelm myself with new things to learn which revolve around the tech world, but I’m marginally slowing down on this. My newly self-imposed Amazon budget is keeping me from induging on every whim I have as far as learning new things is concerned. This is basically good because a lot of the books I buy I never get totally around to reading in full.

I’m slowly learning Python at the same time and plan on continuing to do this in parallel with SICP. Python, like Scheme, is an elegant language and with the plethora of applications and libraries available for Python it’s exciting to get started with it.

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